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Oromo Community’s Appeal against Ethiopian’s government aristocracies

Date 14th July 2020

To Government of Ireland,

To European Commission,

To Amnesty International Ireland,

To Human Rights Watch,



We, the member of the Oromo community in Ireland would kindly write to you about the current political turmoil in Ethiopia.  We came to learn that there is a big political turn around in Ethiopia as a result of the assassination of a prominent artist Hachalu Hundessa, a vocal against the aristocracies of the Ethiopian government against Oromo people.  The available information around the killing of Hachalu and the subsequent events after that clearly indicate that the Ethiopian government is responsible for the killing of Hacalu Hundessa. The Assassination of the artist was a planned, and deliberate act of terroir by the government to harvest a calculated political gain from the agony of the Oromo people through arresting and humiliating the Oromo leaders and closing down its free mass media, the Oromo Media Network. The shutting down of the only free Oromo media, the OMN and the arrest of its journalists and administration is completely illegal and unjustified and politically motivated

The Ethiopia government is also responsible for the killing of more than 300 people in Oromia and Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) as a result of the anger and demonstration by people against these government actions.  The Ethiopia government has since blocked the Oromo community from the international community by shutting down the Internet and all communication lines and continued arresting in thousands, and killing many women children and the elderly.

The arrest of all Oromo political leaders Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Abdi Regasa, Hamza Borena and many thousand other Oromos are illegal and it is a political move. It is the act of anti-democracy where the government is trying to clear out opposition political parties to establish an old and unacceptable feudal system of governance. The Ethiopian ruling party has been involved in the dead political end trying to bring back very sensitive historical issues that can ignite never-ending violence and instability in the country and in the region at large.

The Ethiopian government, specifically the PM is responsible for the killing of 86 people of which 50 are Oromos around a year ago as a result his irresponsible statement and unthoughtful order to remove Jawar Mohammad security guards, a prominent Oromo leader and former activist and reformist security, now arrested.

The government put most of the Oromo region under illegal and unconstitutional command post for over 2 years, killing and arresting thousands of Oromo, especially in South, West, and central Oromia zones. This military group which is ordered by Abiy Ahmed has been burning farmers’ houses, farms, and arresting, raping, and displacing thousands of Oromo farmers from their livelihood.

The Oromo people are suffering under Abiy administration in an imagination double standard. The Ethiopian government was responsible for creating false precedents like non-tax compliant to loot the wealth of a prominent Oromo investor called Dinku Dayasa. Dinku is now in exile as he feared for his life and all his wealth specially Sodare Resort is shut down by the government.

The Ethiopian ruling party failed multipipe time in protecting the Oromo people against aggressions from all corners and couldn’t bring the responsible to justice. The government failed to protect the people either deliberately or failed to act as a result of administrative weaknesses.

The business that was owned by Oromo individuals was completely destroyed and looted in the Amhara region by the Amhara terrorist group called ‘Fano’. The government does not bring any responsible group to justice yet. Further to this, many Oromo students were killed in all universities in the same Amhara region which Abiy Amhed administers. In the same Amhara region, many religious institutions (Specially mosques) were burned down and nobody was brought to justice or questioned about it.

Any Oromo political party that is in opposition to the policies of the ruling Property Party were continually harassed, their office ransacked and shut down and thousands of their members arrested. This is the ruling party’s deliberate act of harassing to push them out of election so that it could steal the election results same way as its predecessors.

Many Oromo around Addis Ababa were displaced by the so-called Addis Ababa Master Plan, a plan set by the government to facilitate land grabbing. The plan has been humiliating and devastating to our people. Oromo farmer’s farmland, the only property they ever had, has been taken away from them to be leased to Chinese, Indian, and investors from Arab countries. To make things worst the Oromo people can’t even peacefully demonstrate these all illegal and unbearable aristocracies against them.  The government has organised attacker groups against any Oromo who wants to complain about his or her grievances or these mistreatments. These attackers, whom the government call ‘Peace Team’ brutally attack and displaced any Oromo who tries to speak or demonstrate about these political harassments and/or even their family member’s deaths.

Therefore, we the member of Oromo community living in Ireland ask your honorable office to:

1.       Urge the Ethiopian government to refrain from, and stop killing our people just because they demanded their human and natural rights

2.       Ask the Ethiopian government to allow an impartial and independent investigation into the death of Hachalu Hundessa and bring those responsible to justice as soon as possible. The Ethiopian government is fabricating false documentaries to conceal its own crime and thus any investigation and outcome by the government is false and unacceptable.

3.       Urge the Ethiopian government to immediately release all Oromo political leaders without preconditions so that peace and stability can resort and they are allowed back to their duties and the government can focus its attention to the crucial public health issues such as coronavirus pandemic.

4.       Urge the Ethiopian government to immediately and unconditional allow OMN (the only free media) and release all of its employees as soon as possible.

5.       Ask the Ethiopian government to immediately restore the Internet and communications to allow the international media into the country so that the true picture of the aristocracies committed by the Ethiopian government be known to the international community.

6.       Ask the Ethiopian government to remove the unconstitutional and illegal command post that has been forcefully put in Oromia and undertaking inhumane and illegal actions on to our people.

7.       Ask the Ethiopian government to bring to justice those government securities and military members that burned down farmers houses, rape the same member of a family at the same place and committed human rights violations

8.       Urge the Ethiopian government to bring to justice those who are responsible for the killing of Oromo students, destroying Oromo business and burndown mosques and churches as soon as possible.

9.       Ask the government to refrain using armed attackers against the people, and bring those responsible for killing and displacing the Oromo from the homes and farmlands.

10.   Urge the Ethiopian government to stop false accusation and cheap propaganda against the opposition parties it perceives as a threat to its authority and allow the Oromo people to decide their leaders in a democratic election.

Dear honourable,

As you might have been following the Oromo people all over the world and back home are on the international streets demanding the above mentions basic rights from the Ethiopian government. About 40-45 million Oromo back home are in a peaceful demonstration against the government that never hears them. Our people are irresponsibly exposed to the danger of coronavirus as the government is putting to jail thousands and thousands of them into small rooms and confinements with no protections. These all political social and security problems are happening under the administration of the 2019th Noble Peace Award receiver Abiy Ahmed.  

Therefore, we request your immediate attention and action so that the Ethiopian government may listen to you. Anything you do today will save the lives of thousands of our people and restores their peace and stability. We thank and appreciate your office for its continued work on human rights in Ethiopia especially for its recent report that exposed the hidden government’s cruelty against our people. We kindly appreciate and thank you in advance, for all your thoughts and actions that is can save the lives of many thousand Ethiopians.

Yours Sincerely,

Dublin, Ireland.


Mirga Uumamaa fi Seeraan Qubnu Dhorkamuu irraa kan kae Dhalli Oromoo Tokkoyyuu Du’uu hin Qabu!

Xayalaa Banamaa(Open Letter)

  • Kabajamoo Dr Abiy Ahamad, Muummicha Ministeeraa Itoophiyaaf
  • Kabajamoo Obbo Lammaa Magarsaa, Ministeera Ittisa Itoophiyaaf
  • Kabajamoo Obbo Shiimallis Abdiisaa, Itti-aanaa Prezedaantii Oromiyaaf
  • Kabajamoo Ambaasaddar Eshetu Dessie, Ambaasaddara Itoophiyaa biyya Ayerlaandiif

       Hawaasa Oromoo Ayerlaand irraa

Waldaan Hawaasa Oromoo biyya Ayerlaand haala yeroo ammaa Oromiyaa fi walii gala biyyattii keessa jiru xiinxaluun gadi-fageennaan irratti mari’atee jira. Waldaan keenya uummatni erga sirna cunqursaa Wayyaanee ofirraa fonqolchee asi ijoollee isaa kan ta’aaniin oogganamaa gara sirna dimookraasiitti akka imalaa jiru ni amanna. Erga bulchiinsi yeroo ce’umsaa kun jalqabee asis tarkaanfii hedduu ooggantootni Oromoo kan akka Obbo Lammaa Magarsaa fi Muummichi Ministeeraa Dr. Abiy Ahamad  fudhataman kan mana jaajjabeessu  dha.  Keessumaa hidhamtoota Wayyaaneen mana hidhaatti guurtee dararaa turte gadi-dhiisuu, dhaabota siyaasaa hundaa biyyatti deebi’anii sagantaa isaanii hamma tokko akka uummatatti dhiheeffatani godhuu, biyyoota ollaa Itoophiyaa waliin nagaa buusuun waan hunda keenya gaammachiise dha.

Haa tau malee haalli tokko tokko yeroo yerootti ka’ee kan uumata keenya nagaa dhowwu, kan miidhuu fi gara fuula duraattis kan miidhuu danda’u darbee darbee argamma jira. Harás bulchiinsa ijoollee isaa jalaatti ilmaan oromoo qeée isaanii fi bakkoota adda addaatti ajjeefamaa, hiraarfamaa fi saamamaa jiru. Oromoon harás akkuma keleessaa gandaa itti dhalatee guddate keessatti akka reée qalamaa jira, arrabsamaa jiras. Oromoon akkuma kaleessaa sirna nafxanyaa warra laalessaniin sodaa fi dhoksaa tokko malee miidiyaa adda addaa irratti ija mootumummaa ijoollee Oromoo oogganamuu jalatti salphachaa jira. Yakka Oromoo irra ga’u tokko obsaan yeroo bira dabarru kan biraa duraa duubaan utuu wali irraa hin citin itti fufee jira. Warri yakka hojjetanis yeroo isaani seeratti dhihaatanis arguu dhabuunis hedduu nama gaddisiisa, nama yaaddessas.

Waldaan Hawaasa Oromoo Ayerlaand haala kana gadi fageenyaan erga irratti mari’ate booda Xalaan Banamaa (Open Letter) kun Mootummaa Itoophiyaa fi Ooggantoota biyyattii ol-aanoof akka ergamu sagalee tokkoon murteessee jira. Waldaan keenya mootumaan Itoophiyaa fi ooggantootni xalayaan kun ergamuuf hundi qabixillee asiin gadii kana xiyyeeffatnoo itti kennanii ilaaluun gaaffii uummata keenyaa fi gaaffii waldaa keenyaa kan ta’an kana hojii irra akka oolchani fi deebii akka itti kennanis cimsinee gaafatna.

  1. Haala nageenyaa Oromiyaa keessatti uumamee tureen dhumiinsa ilmaan Oromoo qe’ee isaanii keessatti qaama nafxanyaa ofiin jedhuu fi ergamtoota isaaniitiin geggeeffame yoomiyyuu kan hin fudhatamne dha.  Haal dureen jeequmsa kanaa yaalii ajjeechaa gooticha Oromoo kan tae Jawaar Mahaammad irratti yaalame haa fakkaatu malee humni Oromoo ajjeesse kun kan dursee itti qopaae akka tae hubatamaa dha. Waldaan keenya Waldaan Oromoo biyya Ayerlaand mootummaan Itoophiyaa oolee utuu hin bulin warra yakka ajjeechaa ilmaan Oromoo irratti raawwatani kana akka gara seeraatti dhiheessu gaafatna.
  2. Yakki ajjeechaa yakkamtootaan yaalii ajjeechaa Jawaar Mahaammad irratti yaalame akka yakka ilmaan Oromoo hunda irratti yaalameetti ilaalla. Yaaliin kun uummatni Oromoo mirga isaa akka hin gaafatne, biyyaa isaa keessaatti akka nagaan bahee hin galle tae jedhanii jeequuf kan godhame dha. Waldaan Oromoo Ayerlaand yakka akkanaa mormuu qofaa utuu hin taane yoomiyyuu irratti qabsaaá, dura dhaabbatas. Mootummaan Itoophiyaa warra yakka kana irratti hirmaatan, keessaa iyyuu namootni ragaan qabatamaan sagalee fi maqaan isaanii beekame fi yakka kana warra ajajan hundaa hatattamaan seeratti akka dhiyeessu gaafatna.
  3. Waldaan Oromoo Ayelaand gootota Oromoo warra ajaja seeraan alaa, ajaja yakkaa sana fudhachuu diduun fedhii uummata isaanii lubbuu fi jireenya isaanii dursuun ajaja yeroo fi seeraan alaa hin fudhanu jedhanii lubbuu obbo Jawaar Muhaammad baraaran hedduu galatoomfatna; gootumaa isaaniis ni dinqisiifatna. Goototni Oromoo kun Goobana Daancee kaasee barattee ijoolleen Oromoo harkaa fi gurra alagaa ta’uun ajajaa fi ergaa fudhatanii uummata isaanii irratti duulaa fi cunqursaa turan kan yeroo jalqabaaf diddaa lammii isaanii miidhuu danda’u diduun fedhii saba isaanii bira dhaabbachuu ijoollee Oromoo kan ifatti mulisee waan ta’eef mootummaan Naannoo Oromiyaa goototawwan kana beekamtummaa fi galata guddaa (badhaasa waliin) akka gumaachuuf kabajaan gaafatna.
  4. Akka irra deddeebiee dhaga’amu ooggantoota ODP fi gareen Nafxanyaa ofiin jedhu naamus-qabeessa kan tae humna Oromoo Qeerroofi  maqaan kennamaa turee fi jiru qoodaa fi dursuma humni kun humna cunqursaa wayyaanee kuffisuu keessatti durummaan hojjete irraanfachuu irra darbee galata dhabeessa kan taasisu waan ta’eef gochaan akkanaa hatatamaan akka dhaabatu, warra Qeerroo humna Oromoo arrabsan(Fakkenyaaf Walaloo Masaraa Mootummaa keessatti kan dhiheessan) seeraan akka gaafataman gaafatna.
  5. Waldaan Hawaasa Oromoo Ayerlaand humni ‘Nuti Nafxanyaa dha’ ofiin jedhu, kan qawwee hidhatee Oromiyaa jeequmsa guddaa keessa galchaa jiru, akkasumas mana amantaa kam iyyuu kan waraa akkanaaf dahoo ta’ee meeshaa waraana kuusuu fi yakkamtoota mooraa isaanii keessa dhoksu cimsinee balaaleffatna, mootummaan Itoophiyaas warra akkana kana hordofee hatattamaan seeratti akka dhiyeessu gaafatna.
  6. Oromoon afaan isaatiin Waaqa isaa kadhachuu, amantii isaa geggeeffachuu fi afaan isaatiin waldaa isaa oogganachuu mirga uumaamaa fi seera mootummaa biyya sanattiin kan keennameef dha. Kanaafuu Waldaan keenya garee Waldaa Mana Amnatii Ortoodoksii Oromoo ijaaruuf socho’aa jiru ni deggera, biras ni dhaabbata. Mootummaan Itoophiyaas taé kan noonnoo Oromiyaa Oromoon mirga isaa kamuu akka argachuu qabu baree akka gargaaru ni gaaftna.
  7. Miidiyaaleen humnota nafxanyaa, sodaa fi jibba Oromoo qabani kan kaayyoo fi seenaa sirna Nafxanyaa faarsuudhaan, walitti-bu’iinsa sabaa fi sab-lammoota Oromoo irratti kakasaa jiran utuu jiranii ijaa fi gurra Oromoo kan ta’an kan akka OMN fi ONN mootummaa Itoophiyaa fi humnoota Oromoo diina godhataniin haraareffamuu isaaniitti hedduu gaddina. Waldaan Hawaasa Oromoo Ayerlaand Miidiyaaleen farra Oromoo ta’an hundi Oromiyaa keessa hatattamaan akka bahan gaafatna. Mootummaan Itoophiyaa midiyaalee Oromiyaa keessa taa’anii kan oduu sobaa fi kan jeequmsa kasuu warra dhiiheessan kam iyyuu akka seeratti dhiheessu gaafatna.
  8. Poolisiin Oromiyaa, ijoolleen Oromoo Raayyaa Ittisa Biyyattii keessa jirtani fi adda durumaan mootummaan Oromiyaa lubbuu fi mirga saba keessanii kan ilmaan Oromoo bakka jiranitti tiskuudhaan dirqama lammummaa baatani Waldaan Oromoo Ayerlaand jabeessee isini gaafata.
  9. Muummichi Misineeraa Dr. Abiy Ahamad qooda isaan biyyoota ollaa Itoophiyaa walitti fiduun nagaa fi araaraa buusaa turanii fi ammas godhaa jiran kan hunda keenyaa gammachiise haa tau malee har’as akkuma bara wayyaanee maqaa ol-aantummaa seeraa eegsifna jedhuun, Komaand postiitiin uummatni keenya Wallaggaa, Gujii fi Booranaa irrati labsamee jiru kan akka salphaatti nagaan xumuramuu dandau taee utuu jiruu fedhii dhabuu fi warra gara qabsoo nagaatti deebi’ani akka sirrii ta’een qabuu dhabuu irraa kan ka’e tauu isaa ni hubatna. Haa tau malee uummatni Oromoo hara’a Komaand postii jala jiran sababa tokko malee hidhamaa, ajjeefamaa fi dararamaa jiru. Waldaan Oromoo Ayerlaand mootummaan kun hatattamaan ijoollee Oromoo warra bosona jiran waliin haasa’uun araarsa buusee akka uummatni keenya gara jiruu fi jireenya isaatti nagaan deebi’u akka godhu gaafatna. Sababa komaad postiin wal-qabatee ilmaan Oromoo mana hidhaatti guuraman hatattamaan akka gadidhiifaman gaafatna.
  10. Walii galteenii fi wal hubatnoon dhaabota siyaasaa Oromoo hunda gidduutti ta’e waldaan keenya gammachuu guddaadhaan simata, ni deggeras. Wal hubatnoon kun kan wal morkii balleessuu, kan wal irratti dhaabbachuu balleessu, kan dhaabota Oromoo hunda garee tokko godhee ilmaan Oromoo cunqursaa jarraa tokkoo ol irra ture kan waliin tiksuu fi kan gadadoo sana deebisee Oromootti fe’uuf wal qindeessaa jiran, kan hidhataa fi dhaadachaa jiran kan waliin qolatu akka tau Waldaa Oromoo Ayerlaand cimsee gaafata, fiixaan bauu kanaatis jabeessee deggera.
  11. Waldaan Hawaasa Oromoo Ayerlaand sirna cunqursaa Wayyaanee irratti, akkuma ilmaam Oromoo hundaa, kan ciminaa fi gara kutatnoon waan dandaa’ame hundaan qabsaa’a kan ture dha. Erga jijjiiramni sun dhufee booddee haalaa fi akkataa mootummaan Itoophiyaa bulchaa jiru fi akkataa itti geeggeessa jiru xiyyeeffatnaa guddaa itti kennee ordofaa jirra. Abdii fi amantaan waldaa keenyaa mootuummaan kun, akkuma waadaan itti kennamee fi akkuma ofiifis himaa turetti, biyyatti gara dimookiraasiitti akka ceesisuuf uummatootiin biyyatti dhiibbaa tokko malee oogganaa bakka itti filaatuun ga’u, fi humni siyaasaa kamuu dhiibbaa tokko malee sagantaa isaa qabatee uummatatti akka dhihaatu dha. Abdin keenya kun ammas cimaa haa tau malee haalli biyyatti keessatti argamu tokko tokko keessumaa Seera  Bulchiisan Mootumaa Federaalaa kan jiru kana kan shakkii keessa galchuu dandau karaa dhaabota addaa addaa fi karaa mootummaa biyya bulchaa jiruu kanaan yaadni dhihaatan tokko tokko yaaddessaa dha. Waldaan Keenya ammumaa kaasee sirna federalaa kan dhiiga kumaatamaan dhufe kana kan dhiiguu yaalu kamuu dura akka dhaabbatu fi seera bulchiinsa federaalaa jiru kan balleessuuf sochou kam iyyuu kan balaleeffatu tauu isaa dursinee hubachiisa, gartuu kana godhuu yaalan kamuu duras ni dhaabbana.
  12. Uummanti Oromoo gaaffii bara dheeraaf gaafatchaa ture, mirgoota kan uummatummaa isaa ta’an kana daangaa malee argachuuf ilmaan isaa hedduu itti wareegaa turuun isaa beekamaa dha. Waldaan Oromoo Ayerlaand Oromoon mirga isaa uumamaanis tae seeraan qabu argachuuf lubbuu nama tokkoollee wareeguu akka hin qabne cimsee amana. Haa tau malee gaaffiin Oromoon abbaa biyyummaa Finfinnee irratti gaafatchaa ture, gaaffiin Afaan Oromoo afaan hojii biyyattii akka tau gaaffachaa ture, gaaffiin wal-qixxummaan akka humna, baayyinaa fi qabeenya isaatti biyyaattii keessatti qabaachuu qabu hamma ar’aatti deebii hin argatne. Waldaan keenya yeroo ce’umsaati jedhee abdii fi amantaan mootummaa kana eegaa haa jiraatu malee gaaffilee kana deebisuuf carraaqiin qodhamaa jiru faalla isaa akka deemaa jiru argina. Kanaafuu mootummaan kun gaaffii Oromoon mirga isaa gaafachaa jiru kana haala akkamii irraa akka jiru uummata Oromoof hatattamaan ibsa akka kennu gaafatna. Uummatni Oromoos tae Waldaan Oromoo Ayerlaand hamma gaaffiileen uummata Oromoo kun deebii waaraa argatanitti qabsoo keenya kan addaan hin citne tauu asuun hubachiifna.
  13. Waldaan Hawaasa Oromo Ayerlaand dhaabotiin siyaasaa mirgi Oromoo akka bakka hin geenyee fi mirga uummatni keenya argate fuul-duubatti deebisuuf hojjetani, keessumaa warri sirna fedaraalaa hadheessanii fi sirna durii, boodatti hafaa sana deebisuuf carraaqan Naannoo Oromiyaa keessaa akka hatattamaan hariamanii baafaman, hiriira nagaas tae wal-gaii kamuu Oromiyaa keessatti akka hin ayyamaneef cimsinee gaafatna.

Waldaa Hawaasa Oromo Biyya Ayerlaand

Dabliin, Ayerlaand, 2019

Irreecha Bara 2019. Hundi Keessani Baga Geessan Jedhna!