Attacking Wallo Oromo is Attacking all Oromo

Oromo Community Ireland stands against Amhara Militants’ invasion and destruction in Wallo and beyond

Last week the Amhara regional special force organised, trained, and armed by the Amhara regional administration invaded the Oromo Zone in Wallo killing many and displacing thousands. This force deliberately targeting the local residents and burned down their houses and their crops on the field.  It is the same Amhara force that killed, rapped, and undertook ethnic cleansing in the Tigray regions in the north,  displacing many in Metekel, Benshangul Gumuz region in the West, in arresting, killing, and harassing people Kimant zones in the North West, and targeting Amhara people to blame others in many places in Wellegga zone bordering Amhara region.  

After discussing on the current issues in Oromia and beyond, the Oromo Community in Ireland raised a support fund for the Wallo victims of this destabilising force. The community members clearly indicated attacking Wallo Oromo is attacking all Oromo and there is no way we can stand aside.

The community members raised a considerable amount of money in a very short period of time and agreed the fund to be administrated through Macha and Tulama Self-help association (, a non-for-profit charity organisation helping  people in need across the country for many years.

We, the Oromo community in Ireland:

  1. Condom the acts of the Amhara special force, its act of killing of Oromo, Kimant, Tigre, Gumuz, and other non-Amhara people of the country, burning their homes, food stores, and their crops on the fields for the sheer purpose of harming their victims through starvations.
  2. We condom the invasion of villages and neighboring regions by Amhara militants for the purpose they mention ‘to get back lands’, though the clear purpose of these invasions is to establish themselves as the undisputed ruler of the country, and the region; and to impose their old feudal system.
  3. In the strongest terms possible, we condom, the raping of children, women, and elderly, and looting and destruction of resources all over the place they invade.
  4. We ask the Ethiopian government, especially the Oromia regional state to protect and stand firm against the Amhara Special forces who are continuously advancing into Oromo areas and killing and harassing our people; and destroying their livelihood.
  5. We ask the Ethiopian government and Oromia regional state to urgently supply help for the displaced Wallo victims, to rebuild their homes, and settle them on their own lands before the Amhara settlers invade and settle there.
  6. We thank the Oromia regional state administration, at least this time, for telling the truth; and exposing the false precedence of the Amhara regional state to invade Wallo Oromo.
  7. We ask the Oromia regional state to visit the displaced Wallo  Oromo and assure them that the Oromo people will stand against any aggression them now; and for all times.
  8. We ask the Ethiopian government to send independent investigators into the killing, destructions, and displacement of the Wallo Oromo people and hold those perpetrators accountable for their evil deeds.
  9. We ask all peace-loving Ethiopian people to condom the aggression of the Amhara militants organised and armed by the Amhara regional state, deployed to all neighboring regions including foreign country’s aggressions that is claiming many lives and destroying the country’s resources.
  10. We ask the Oromo community, both in Oromia and in diaspora, to stand with the Wallo Oromo victims and help to overcome the difficulties they are facing now; and to resettle into their places as soon as possible.   

Oromo Community Ireland

March 2021.