Thank You Ireland

To Office of An Taoiseach, Government of Ireland

To the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs

Dear Sir/Madam,


On behave of the Oromo Community in Ireland I am writing this letter to thank, and appreciate the Irish government’s decisive, courage, and leading stance on the current worsening humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia.

We have come to know that the Irish government, through its very determinantal roles in the European Union, and United Nation Security Council (UNSC), has stood up for the very value of the Irish people to demand more discussion and accountability of the Ethiopian authorities for their alleged, albeit clear human rights violations, and huge material, and human costs they have been undertaking in Ethiopia, especially in Tigray, Oromia, and Benshangul  Gumuz regions.

We, the members of the Oromo community in Ireland, have been appealing to your government  to intervene the autocracies in Ethiopia by the Ethiopian authorises. We clearly understand and are availing of the respect for humanity and natural rights here in Ireland and we have the believe and trust, that one day just like now, the very essence of the Irish society will stand up for other oppressed people like that of ours back home who have been subjected to horrendous act of cruelty, and inhuman treatments.

Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation go to the Irish government; the Minister of Foreign Affairs in particular, who valued human lives, and stood up for our people at regional and international stages.

We have heard of the news from Ethiopian government-controlled local media that the Ethiopian government has recalled its ambassador to Ireland, and the country is planning to close the embassy in Dublin. For us, the Irish government and the Irish people should never have any form of diplomatic ties with such autocratic leaders who never listen to its own regional allies, and international powers to solve disputes through peaceful means; who chose war over peace; and who is a pathological liar in the face of the international community on clear facts, and truth on the ground. 

We ask the Irish government to limits its relations with the Ethiopian people to humanitarian and development cooperation only, as it has been for long, but only if it has a control and says on the management of the funds as the Ethiopian government usually transfer it to its military operations to use for killing innocent people. 

Ethiopia and its people are going towards a more catastrophic time in that country’s history. We are receiving worrying news regarding the upcoming national general election in which the government put the leaders and members of the opposition party and closed their offices throughout the country. In addition, the war in Tigray is still ongoing and we have credible information that open confrontation is still going on most part of the region.  The border dispute between Ethiopian and Sudan, the Nile dam and its standing unresolved issues, the question of power-sharing, and the government tendencies to reverse it to a centralised rule are all potentially explosive sensitive issues that can bring about the further local and regional crisis which of its impact can reach up to Europe.

The endless mass killings and arbitrary arrests particularly, the undeclared war in Oromia targeting the Oromo people and their political parties still going on uninterrupted. The Ethiopian government has already arrested thousands of Oromo political leaders, and members of the opposition parties. The prominent leaders and members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), and that of Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) such as Mr. Bekele Gerba, Mr. Jawar Mohamed, Dr. Gadaa Olijira (though court freed him), Mr. Abdi Ragassa, Mr. Mahamad Ragassa, Mr. Mika’el Boran, Mr. Kennassa Ayyaana are still capped in prison deprived of their right to participate in the upcoming election.

Abiy Ahmed is posed to hold a general election which of its outcome is already known as there is no party that is contesting his party. Therefore, the election is a complete waste of the meagre resources that is available to that society. The main purpose of the election is to legitimise Abiy’s autocratic rule by declaring 100% win in the election.

The Ethiopian government’s plan to go for this national election is a clear call for further public chaos, destruction, killing, and harassment. If the government is not willing to discuss with all stockholders and make this election free and fair, the country could lead to further upheaval and crumbling.

We, the members of Oromo Community in Ireland, would like to come out on Dublin streets to appeal our concern to the Irish and international community, but we adjourned many times in care of our members and the members of the good people of Ireland who homed us in full peace and respect.

The current Ethiopian leader Abiy Ahmed is not willing to solve any problem through political discussion. He is continuously giving deaf ears to the regional and international powers’ calls for a national dialogue and peaceful problem-solving. Abiy Ahmed continuously denies facts and has continued deceiving the international community through his lies.

We, the members of the Oromo Community in Ireland, would like to ask your honourable office once again to continue partnering with other International Community to be the ear for those lacking a listener to their agony, and a mouth for those whose mouth is shut at the gun tips.

We ask your esteemed office, and government to continue with the courage and leadership at the regional and international stage in bringing and exposing Ethiopian leaders’ crime against humanity, the ethnic cleansing in Tigray, Oromia, and Benshangul Gumuz regions. In all these evil doings women, children, the weak, and the elderly are the utmost victims.

We ask your honourable office to ask the Ethiopian government to release all political prisoners and discuss this country’s future with all stakeholders to arrive at a lasting political solution to that country’s past, present, and future political, economic and social crisis that have been continuously dragging the life and livelihood, Ethiopian people.

Once again, we, the members of Oromo Community Ireland, would like to thank the Irish Government and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs representatives in the United Nations Security Council in stepping up and standing for the people of Ethiopia.

Yours Sincerely,